Training and master craftsmanship

Master craftsmanship

Building cleaning is a skilled craft profession. Workers in the sector are trained as facility cleaners and master craftspersons. After a three-year training process which concludes with an examination, each qualified building cleaner receives his or her apprenticeship diploma. He or she can then go on to take the examination to become a master craftsperson.
Forever Clean has been a master crafts business since its foundation.


We have been training young people in the areas of window and facility cleaning services, as well as in office communication, preparing them to become qualified craftspeople in office management.

Girls’ Day provides one of many examples of the fast improving image of the profession of facility cleaning, particularly from the point of view of young women.

Girls’ Day at Forever Clean

Forever Clean was one of the many participants in the nationwide Girls‘ Day, which was held on 27 March 2014. We decided to support the initiative because we think it important to support and motivate young people as early as possible in their choice of profession. Girls‘ Day provided us with an ideal opportunity to provide such support and motivation from within our business. We had to think the matter over carefully, on the one hand, the facility cleaning sector is not as clearly dominated by males as other sectors. After all, the actual cleaning work is still done overwhelmingly by women. Would it not be more appropriate, then, to organize a Boys’ Day?  But, from another point of view, the more attractive career paths available in the facility cleaning sector are often occupied by men.  Only very few women are in management positions in the sector. So does that justify the need for a Girls’ Day? The answer came from the girls themselves! On the morning of the event 19 school girls were waiting for us bright and early at our door. We were delighted to be the object of such intense interest! Forever Clean aims to remain always a company that helps young women find the courage to travel their own paths – no matter what profession they have chosen. After all, the company has been led for the last 15 years by its owner-manager Aynur-Boldaz Özdemir – whose own career led her all the way from the role of cleaner all the way to the position of businesswoman. She sets an example of what’s possible. As does Girls’ Day.

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